Coronavirus (COVID-19) Informations

Infromations and cancellations

We are livening in extraordinary times and we need to stand together to fight this Pandemic. On this page we will try to keep you updated about the current situation regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and changes and updates in the aviation sector and airlines. Beside this information, you also have to keep yourself updated about your airline’s and country’s directives and regulations.

Please note that there might be new information that we still haven’t been able to update here. It is always the responsibility of each traveller to check his or her flight details, gather information from the airlines, initiate dialogue with the airline, and to check with the embassy of the country of your destination, so that no restrictions are imposed which can hinder or effect your fight.


The extraordinary Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation has resulted in excessive number of incoming requests to our customer support via several different channels. Please have in mind that our customer support team is working under hard pressure right now and they are doing their best to work their way through high volumes of cases as fast as they can.

In order to contact our customer support, we have to ask all customers to visit our website and log in to your account using your login details, such as booking number and e-mail address.

We are doing our best to answer our travellers as soon as we can, and in order to reduce the attended time, we are adding extra staff to our team and reallocating resources. Our customer support agents work hard to answer all our traveller’s questions in more than 10 different languages. Our aim is to answer you in your native language but due to the current situation we have to ask you to please have sympathy with us if you are answered in English.

We are truly sorry for any inconvenience this Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation may have caused you, but we are in this together. We work hard around the clock for you, and we need your help to ease some pressure from the customer support so that they can answer all travellers. Thank you for understanding.

Please note the following before you contact customer support:

  • 1.Before you contact us, check with your airline about their policies concerning refunds or changes.
  • 2.All travellers and customers who has flight tickets with departure dates June 1st 2020 and later, are welcome to contact us earliest two weeks prior to departure date.
  • 3.Travellers that are in urgent need of information about their flights with departure dates after June 1st 2020 are welcome to contact the airline directly.
  • 4.To contact us - visit our website and log in to your account using your login details, such as booking number and e-mail address.
  • 5.Cases with passengers who have departure time in the coming days are considered most urgent and will be prioritised.
  • 6.Have patience. The waiting periods to get an answer from our customer support is longer than usual.
  • 7.Cancellations of your booking - If you haven’t received a cancellation confirmation from us latest three (3) days before your departure, you have to contact the airline yourself to cancel your ticket. After that, and if you cancel your ticket with the airline, please contact us for possible refund.
  • 8.If you have already contacted our customer support by email and phone, and have an open customer service case, please don’t e-mail us again. We will answer all customers as fast as we can. Double cases create unnecessary confusion and longer waiting periods.


Press, Police, Governmental bodies, and all other Authorities are welcome to contact us via following e-mail address: Please note that customer and booking related enquiries sent to this e-mail address will not be read or answered.


WHO – World Health Organization

ECDC - European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control

IATA – Country Restrictions


Please check with your airline regarding their current terms and rules, since they are constantly changing. Several airlines have introduced generous change of booking rules, and in some cases, customers are allowed to change their booking without extra charge. That is if the booking is according to the airline’s booking rules. Please note that we charge a small administration fee for our work when we apply for refund, cancellation, change etc. Most airlines don’t offer refunds in cash, instead they offer Vouchers. Due to the extra ordinary situation handling times for refunds are longer than usual. The airlines are also under enormous pressure and their reply to us can take several weeks or months. But we are doing our best to get you your refund as quick as possible. Cancellation due to health concerns are according to your airline’s rules.


Stay updated or search for the latest news from each airline or see flight status on each airlines' website. If your airline is not listed below, or if you want more information about your flight, please contact your airline.


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